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Strategic advice, Data analysis, Writing, Illustration
DLGBioLogics will help you develop projects, grants and scientific manuscripts in English.


You describe your project and we will help you realize it.

  • Innovative and Technical Advice.

    • Create and build novel ideas for nascent projects

    • Provide technical advice 

  • Data mining to help develop new concepts.

    • Includes single cell RNAseq analysis with emphasis on immune populations. Seurat, Cellphone DB, Cellchat, gene ontology analyses.

   We can explore published datasets to understand your         protein, condition, product in novel settings

  • Manuscript writing, editing, organization

    • To develop manuscripts and grants for submission.

  • Illustration development. 

    • Including Photoshop, illustrator services​



Individual needs are discussed by Zoom.

The first consultation is FREE.


Contact us at:

                         Telephone: 33 (0)7 82 49 40 87


     Prices are flexible depending on the needs and finances of the team.

     For a limited consultation/editing job, prices start at 100 euros.


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