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Business Statement and Credentials

My business DLGBioLogics is designed to help research laboratories and start-ups apply successfully for funding and publication in high impact journals.

I have extensive research experience in biomedical science, with funding from major US funding agencies NIH, NSF, NMSS and publications in top research journals Nature, Science, PNAS... DLGBioLogics can help build evolving research projects to maturity, including data analysis and science consultation, science writing and editorial services (including illustration development), with the ultimate goal of providing polished oeuvres for submission.

Please click links below for a complete bibliography and most recent publication.



  • Sci Adv​ 2020 Mar 20;6(12):eaay3704. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aay3704


  • NIH Biosketch: On request.


Areas of Expertise 


  • Immunology Classical, Clinical, Systems, Proteomics


  • Cell Biology Trafficking, Signaling pathways, Receptor:Ligand interactions 


  • Stem Cell Biology Adult/Somatic, Embryonic, Hematopoietic, Neural


  • Regenerative Medicine Skin, Hair, Musculoskeletal, Neuronal


  • Cancer Biology Melanoma, SCC, BCC

Your information is kept strictly confidential and secure.

  • Confidentiality is covered as needed in standard contractual arrangements.

  • We do not disclose our relationships with clients unless authorized to do so by the client.

  • Data is managed and stored in a secure, encrypted environment.

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